Simon Wittenberg

Managing Director

Simon Wittenberg started his Public Relations career in 2000 working on the Team Honda Sport/Redstone Team Honda Championship and British Touring Car Championship accounts during his university degree in European Management, before embarking on the graduate scheme with renowned sportscar manufacturer, Group Lotus. During this time, he was the PR and Commercial Manager for the record-breaking Lotus Type 119c entry in the last ever Goodwood Festival of Speed downhill gravity racing challenge in 2004 and a member of the winning team two years later on the Brooklands race circuit.

On completion of his training, he became Press Officer for Lotus Cars before working for Automotive PR in London on the re-launch of the MG cars brand in China and the UK, and organising the first drive by the media of the Tesla Roadster, the world’s first electric sportscar.

Thanks to his extensive experience working with the media, he became Press and PR Manager at the UK headquarters of Japanese automaker, Suzuki, before founding V12 PR in 2009. Simon is also Editor of Luxurious Magazine ( / net), and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIOJ).